One-Bag Christmas

While I love looking at pictures of a Currier and Ives Christmas, staying home with a large tree and home-made cookies doesn’t happen too often in our family. We spent one Christmas snowmobiling on a glacier at midnight. Another year we awoke to giraffes outside our hotel in Kenya and another year we did skits at a nursing home in Costa Rica. Through all these years, we’ve learned that being together is more important than lots of gifts. As we meet people around the country while distributing shoes for Soles4Souls, we realize how lucky our family is. The shoe charity gives away shoes at homeless shelters, churches and schools to people who are grateful for a pair of basic shoes. That’s why this year we “downsized” even more with “Christmas in a Bag”.  As you can see from the picture, I packed our entire Christmas in that bag. Including our tree with lights! The little Santa suit is what Sondra wore when she was one month old and I use it every year as a decoration. So our tree, some decorations, some special ornaments and a few gifts easily fit in our bag. Who needs anything else?

I made the two end stockings when Allan and I were married 32 years ago

Christmas in a Bag. A recycled bag no less!


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