Clark Family Rescues Dolphin

I make no claims to be tech-savvy…my family is amazed I can send an email from my Blackberry. The only video game I played (if you can call it that) was a few games of Pong when Allan and I were dating. In 1981, our daughter Trina had an Atari. That, in a nutshell, is the extent of video games in the Clark household.

So you can imagine I rolled my eyes when Allan and Sondra raced to the Immersion Cinema program at the Mote Marine Laboratory. I had no desire to take part in the event that required me to touch some sort of video screen. Ahh, the grouch that I am soon became totally engaged. A huge 40-foot-High-Definition screen played a movie that was both entertaining and educational about the plight of dolphins. We all had interactive consoles that we used to help search for Claire, a missing dolphin. Now I know this was a game, but my competitive nature took over when I saw I could get more “points” if I found more dolphins on my screen than the rest of the audience. I was racing my speedboat through the waters, searching for Claire. (All right, I also crashed on land a few times because I didn’t know how to make my finger touch the screen in the right place.) I touched one dolphin on my screen and got the notice, “Claire”. I FOUND CLAIRE! To my family’s embarrassment, I announced “I FOUND CLAIRE” much too loudly for their comfort. Later Sondra told me, “Mom, almost everyone else already found Claire. They just didn’t announce it to the entire theater.” Nonetheless, I totally enjoyed my experience with Immersion Cinema at the Mote Aquarium. I may even try out that Wii thingy that Allan bought to use as part of our Soles4Souls events.

Sondra "caught" in a net before Immersion Cinema


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