Swimming with the Big Boys!

For those of you fighting the big snow storm, I’m sorry to tell you we’re basking in Florida sunshine. We came to Florida to help with a Soles4Souls shoe distribution and have a few days off. Taking advantage of the weather, we decided to swim with the manatees in Crystal River, Florida. The adventure began at MANATEE TOUR AND DIVE, one of two places in America where swimming with the manatee is legal. Crystal River is known all over America for divining and snorkeling in King Spring and Three Sister Spring. Since I’m now an expert on manatees, I can tell you we swam with the West Indian Manatee. Thank goodness we had Blain and Jessica as our guides. Allan, Sondra and I were paddling our kayaks, wondering when we’d see a manatee. Blain kept saying “There’s one on your left. Now he’s on the right. Sondra, you have a manatee under your kayak!” Pretty soon we caught on and saw just how close we were to these giant sea creatures. It was at that point I screamed as a mother and her calf were directly by my kayak. The excitement built as we actually got into the water to observe the manatees. What a unique experience to have a huge animal swim next to you, even brushing against your leg. This activity is suitable for even young kids. As I’ve said before, if you are in the Orlando, go to one theme park to get it out of your system. Then try some of the amazing outdoor activities available in this area…especially getting in the water with manatees! Check out www.manateetoursusa.com to make a reservation.

Which one of these is not like the others?


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