Sondra Distributes Shoes for Soles4Souls

Every parent thinks their children are wonderful, and I’m no exception. Our 20-year-old daughter Sondra is with us during her college break from Azusa Pacific College in California. Of course we immediately put her to work helping with a shoe distribution in Orlando. Sondra is no stranger to volunteering since she’s helped with volunteer projects in Kenya, Uganda, Peru and Guatemala. In fact, last year this time we were all in the middle of a Costa Rican jungle, helping at a remote nursing home run by nuns from Guatemala! Sondra was in charge of distributing Soles4Souls shoes to people in the surrounding jungle community. Yesterday, she helped the shoe charity again, by efficiently helping parents find just the right size shoe for their child. It was a great Christmas present to see her cheerfully serve other people while also organizing volunteers and re-stocking shoes. She played a small but important role in helping Soles4Souls distribute 6.4 million pairs of shoes in the US and overseas.

Sondra stacking the popular Heely's shoes

Sondra took time with each child she fitted for shoes

Sondra took a quick break to talk with Fran, who supervised the area


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