Very Sad Nutcracker

It was a sad night at the theater. Allan and I helped with a Soles4Souls shoe drive at several performances of “The Mini-Nutcracker”. Instead of enjoying the show, I got a bit misty-eyed. I realized my days of helping with my daughter’s dance recitals were over. For years, we actually had a costume room to hold all the costumes and props Trina and Sondra used for their many performances. Trina was an amazing tap dancer that always generated applause in the middle of her solo dances because of her fancy footwork. Sondra, on the other hand, drew applause for her antics on stage. When six tiny ballerinas were supposed to prance off stage, blowing a one handed kiss, one ballerina (with the initials of S C) took center stage, blew eight  double handed kisses, curtseyed and then did a cartwheel.

So it was extra hard to watch all the parents, (OK, all the moms) help their daughter’s get into costume and then watch their little dancers perform. Is there such a business as “Rent a Girl For a Dance Recital?”

My only consolation is that Sondra will be here in a week and I can get her to perform Broadway Show tunes for me. We’ll make do with costumes made out of sheets and aluminum foil.

These mini-mice tried to steal our giant flip flop!See what I mean about cute costumes?


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