A Nashville Thanksgiving

Sammy Sole going with us to deliver 76 meals

Loading the truck with meals

Allan carrying 10 meals to one house

Several years ago, Sondra and I spent Thanksgiving morning with the Assumption Church in Nashville, distributing food to shut-ins. It was such a moving experience that this year, Allan and I did the same thing. Early Thursday morning we picked up 76 Thanksgiving dinners, complete with turkey, stuffing, pecan pie and macaroni and cheese. (Which I learned is a standard side dish in this area.)With the help of our GPS, we traveled throughout Nashville, delivering the food. It was obvious many of the people we met were in dire need of a hot meal. One woman, living alone told me “At 96 years-old, I don’t have the energy to make a turkey dinner.” Then she kissed my hand in gratitude. One tiny two bedroom apartment had four young children, several adults and an invalid living together. It wasn’t much, but hopefully our short visit and some food helped brighten Thanksgiving for some people in Nashville.


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