New Shoes Keep on Coming

Alena, our super-volunteer, decided to take a break from banding shoes

Just a "few" of the donated shoes

What happens when a church decides to demonstrate compassion? They bring in over 1,000 pairs of NEW shoes! That’s what happened this weekend at Heartland Community Church in Rockford, Illinois. We were delighted to be swamped with people bring in new, high quality shoes, ranging from cuddly blue baby slippers to size 15 men’s shoes. Most people had a story to tell as well. One woman donated a pair of white tennis shoes in honor of her father’s favorite shoes. Another woman donated four pairs of shoes, each the size of her grandchildren’s shoes. Then there was the mom that brought a whole bag of sparkly, shiny pink girls’ shoes. “I had three boys”, she said.” “This was my chance to finally buy some cute girl’s shoes!” All the shoes will be sent to the Soles4Souls warehouse in Alabama, then shipped to people in need around the world. A special thanks to Ashley, who coordinated the shoe drive, scheduled volunteers and will be in charge of shipping the shoes.


One Response to “New Shoes Keep on Coming”

  1. Harlette Washington Says:

    I was touched by people’s simple and ordinary reasons for donating shoes.
    Our first attempt at volunteering was abruptly ended as one of my daughters, who encouraged to spend the holiday with “Soles” became
    seriously ill. Needless to say, that holiday was spent in a hospital emergency
    room. Our grandsons have often asked, when are we going to return to
    the shoe place. This holiday we will bless others, as God through the grace
    and mercy of His son, Jesus Christ, continues to bless us and you.

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