NOBlurr Concert Brings in the Shoe Donations!

Tiffany hard at work accepting donations

Wayne explaining the mission of Soles4Souls

Wayne got a standing ovation while being introduced!

Last night we participated in the joint NoBlurr, Soles4Souls event. You can relax, Wayne, Allan and I didn’t sing (although Tiffinay could have). Instead, we listened to the group sing, as well as share about the mission of Soles4Souls. People were invited to turn in pledge cards showing their support. Many people paid $10.00 to buy shoes for a family of four. Other options included paying $20.00 to give shoes to 8 people in need. One woman decided to use the shoe donations as a Christmas gift. Instead of buying her four nieces “regular” gifts, she purchased five pairs of shoes in each of their names. What a way to teach compassion and caring this holiday season!


One Response to “NOBlurr Concert Brings in the Shoe Donations!”

  1. Camille Says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you and spend a little time on the S4S RV!!! Thanks for coming up our way for the event. You all have the best job ever!!! Be Blessed!

    Camille from NoBlurr

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