Easter Eggs in November

Remember the fun you had when you were young and looked for eggs at an Easter Egg Hunt? It was so exciting to find an egg hidden behind a bush or under a plant. That’s how Allan and I are feeling these days when we find an RV Campground that is open. As surprising as it sounds, not many people camp in Michigan in November, which is why most campgrounds close in October. Every day, we scour the campground directories and look for the treasured words “Open all year”. There aren’t many! So we were more than thrilled when we found the Holly KOA Kampground open. (That’s not a typo. KOA calls their campgrounds “Kampgrounds”). We easily found a site and were soon hooked up with water and electricity. We even got two PBS TV stations! To top it off, the laundry room had modern machines and the showers were clean and hot. Speaking of Easter Eggs, the KOA manager provided an example of outstanding customer service. I needed a plastic Easter Egg (long story) and asked if he had any in his seasonal decorations. Within a few minutes I had my treasured plastic pink egg, which obviously are not on sale in any stores right now.

koa blow ups  holly mi

Holly KOA has great bouncy toys


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