Be Aware of your Surroundings

As we travel around the country, I have the chance to observe the way different families “work”. (Or in many cases, the way they don’t work.) This morning we were at a small breakfast buffet bar with some other families. A mom, dad and two elementary aged boys were getting food. So far so good. Yet this family had no concept that other people might want to get to the juice, coffee or waffles. They stood directly in front of each self-serve station, taking all the time in the world making their decision as more and more people backed up behind them. The nine-year-old had a deep, raspy cough that certainly made us all think “H1N1”. He coughed, without covering his mouth, next to the pastry. Moving a few steps forward, he heartily coughed on the waffle batter. For good measure, he spread his cough germs on the freshly sliced banana bread. His parents were too busy monopolizing their personal space in front of the biscuits to pay attention to their son. The entire family seemed totally oblivious to the needs of other people. They really need to sit in on my workshop called “It’s NOT about You!”


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