Girl’s Soccer Team Scores!

We had the fun experience of meeting the girls on the Mt. Vernon Nazarene College soccer team in Mt Vernon, Ohio. The girls, spearheaded by Mara and Erin, organized a shoe drive. They made posters, contacted schools and did radio interviews. They even had visiting soccer teams bring shoes! Their hard work paid off with their 600 pairs of shoes. Those are shoes that are saved from being thrown into a landfill and now will be put to good use on someone’s feet. The game was actually an emotional experience for me as I watched a large number of parents come out to cheer on their daughters. I remember the many hours sitting on hard bleachers or standing on the sidelines (usually in rain and wind) watching Trina and Sondra play sports. Now my girls are both far away, so I “adopted” the Mt. Vernon Nazarene Soccer girls and wholeheartedly cheered them on. They won!

(What do you think Sondra, if Dad and I move close to your college in California so we can come to all your events? )nazarene collage soccer

We appreciate the hard work from the soccer team!


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