R.G. Barry Demonstrates Fun and Generosity

When Allan was in fourth grade, his teacher wrote on his report card “Allan is a fun, fun, fun boy”. We recently visited the fun, fun, fun corporate office of R.G. Barry in Pickerington Ohio. We sensed the upbeat atmosphere as soon as we walked into the building. They served a delicious catered lunch, complete with linen tablecloths. (Now that is fun and classy!) Meeting Greg Tunney and Roy Youst was fun, along with seeing displays of their footwear lines.

R.G. Barry Corporation is a leading developer and marketer of accessories footwear. Never heard of accessory footwear?  It’s a retail category led by slippers, but one that also encompasses hybrid and active fashion footwear, sandals, slipper socks and hosiery.

I bet you’ve heard of:

·   Dearfoams original slippers that indulge you in your personal expression of comfort

·   Terrasoles feel-good footwear with a relaxed outdoor spirit for a simple lifestyle

·   Superga canvas/active fashion footwear

·   Levi’s slippers and sandals

·   Nautica slippers

While the employees at R.G. Barry seemed to be having fun, they also are very service oriented. They recently donated over 50,000 pairs of slippers to Soles4Souls! That’s 50,000 people that now have comfortable footwear!

I loved part of their mission statement, especially the part about not whining. More companies should have that as their goal.

R.G. Barry beliefs and behaviors include:

·A belief in trust, clarity, energy, energizers, transparency, edge, passion and having fun;

·Working smart, hard, creatively, fast and efficiently;

·We want to: win; always do what is right; make a difference; solve problems;

encourage; and celebrate our personal and team victories; and

·We don’t whine, waste, boomerang, surprise, live in the past or take ourselves too seriously.

After the great lunch, we led Greg Tunney, Roy Youst and the rest of the staff through the rain into the RV. Greg looked pretty comfy sitting in the Captain’s chair. Thanks everyone, for a fun afternoon and for your generous donation to our shoe charity, Soles4Souls.

Greg Tunney relaxing in the RV

Greg Tunney relaxing in the RV

A look at the R.G. Barry line of footwear

A look at the R.G. Barry line of footwear

r g barry silvana presenting high


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