Gettysburg KOA Combines History and Fun

A unique way to tour Gettysburg battlefields

A unique way to tour Gettysburg battlefields

Once again we had a relaxing stay at a KOA Kampground, this time in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. You’ve probably seen their bright yellow and red KOA signs as you drive along the freeway. Even if you don’t own an RV, consider renting one of KOA’s cabins or lodges. Just think, you can take the family for a weekend mini-vacation and stay in a rustic and cute cabin…staying dry if it rains. At the Gettysburg KOA, we had a wooded site so we could enjoy the fall leaves. We especially appreciated a video they show every night to give people an idea about Gettysburg activities.  

After playing tourist at Gettysburg, you can return to KOA  and enjoy the heated pool, nature trail, fun-bike rentals, shuffleboard, horseshoes, life-size games and mini golf. Weekend entertainment includes living history encampments, Civil War songs and stories, Civil War fashion show, ghost walks, wine tasting and pancake breakfasts. What more could you want?

While the brochures suggest taking a bus or auto tour of the battlefields, we as usual, did our own thing. This meant riding our bikes and viewing all the memorials and statues without a car. We burned carbs, not carbon. (Cute huh?)

One note about the nature hike at Gettysburg KOA. It’s not a smart idea to start the hike past dusk. (Which is what we did, but then we’re not that bright.) As we walked, it got darker and darker, and we felt we were deeper and deeper into getting lost. 

IMG_1311 We didn’t see the path, let alone any nature. It was a relief to see the lights of the camp office!

My favorite park of the KOA Kampground was the Kamp K-9 Dog Activity and Agility Park. Many KOA’s now offer these fenced parks where pet owners can watch their dogs crawl through tunnels, jump over bars and get exercise in a fun way.

Halloween decorations at Gettysburg KOA

Halloween decorations at Gettysburg KOA


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