Pizza and Shoes at ECCO

Quick! How many bones are in your foot? If you guessed 26 bones, you win! Bonus points for knowing there are over 26 joints in the foot also. See what you can learn when you visit shoe manufacturers? We paid a visit to the ECCO Company in Londonberry New Hampshire to thank them for their new shoe donations. Joe Mulligan organized a staff pizza party to acknowledge staff for donating their gently used shoes.

In front of ECCO® head quarters in Tønder, Denmark there is a statue of a giant foot that’s impossible to miss. The reason for it being a foot instead of a shoe is quite simple, the foot is the starting point for everything they create. The ECCO philosophy is a simple one: Their shoes must follow the foot. This in turn creates the world’s most comfortable shoe. Joe showed us shoe samples and explained the technology included in each ECCO shoe. I never knew there was so much involved in creating a pair of shoes!

Allan giving Joe a "Thank You" photo

Allan giving Joe a "Thank You" photo

ECCO employees enjoying pizza

ECCO employees enjoying pizza

Thanking ECCO employees

Thanking ECCO employees


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