Enthusiastic Shoe Donors

Students thought the outdoor video screen was pretty cool

Students thought the outdoor video screen was pretty cool

Allan and I had the fun experience of visiting students at the Villa Maria school in Maryland. Students involved in their “Youth Congress” worked hard to plan a successful shoe drive. They made colorful posters, set up collection boxes and even donated some of their own shoes! We were honored to meet these enthusiastic kids. To thank them for their efforts, Allan did a few magic tricks, we made “Shoe Buddies” and everyone took a tour of the Soles4Souls RV. Thanks kids, for helping give kids-in-need, a pair of shoes!

The kids made a "Shoe Buddy" craft

The kids made a "Shoe Buddy" craft


2 Responses to “Enthusiastic Shoe Donors”

  1. Chandra Smith Says:

    Forgive me for the amount of time that has lapsed! We here at Villa Maria thoroughly enjoyed meeting Allan and Silvana and we are so grateful that you added an extra stop on their tour just for us. Although our group was small, the impact you made was mighty. The RV was definately the talk of the town for the next couple of days! The children who participated spoke so enthusiastically about the video, and of Allan’s amazing magic skills. With the retelling of the story he had become a regular Houdini, performing unimaginable feats! I can’t personally thank you enough for your patience and exuberance with our group, which can at times be difficult. lf the tour happens to swing through Towson, MD again we would love to have you back. I can guarantee the room will be packed the next time 🙂 Thanks again and I pray that you have a safe journey. God Bless Soles4 Souls for what they are doing for those in need and a special blessing for you and your family who so willingly give of your time and yourselves.

    Chandra Smith, Spiritual Development Coordinator, Villa Maria

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