Compare Campgrounds

The campground brochure described the lovely river setting, immaculate bathrooms and peaceful surroundings. Well, there was a river, the toilets did flush and it was quiet at 2:00am, but that was about it. We planned on staying four nights, but quickly left the next morning. As Sondra would say, “this place is sketch” (or something like that.) We don’t need 5 star quality at campgrounds, but this place had a few too many beer cans, broken windows and spiders in the showers. A few miles down the road we found a campground for the same price that included an Olympic sized swimming pool, quiet neighbors and not a broken window in sight. Best of all they had a great book swap table so I could get five new books. This is the life!

Campground # 2

Campground # 2

Campground #1

Campground #1


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