More Traffic, More Fun

After driving through New York City with the RV, we decided to continue the “heavy traffic, narrow streets, and construction delay” theme by driving through downtown Philadelphia. As we approached the Benjamin Lovell store where we were scheduled to help with an event, the roads got smaller and smaller. One truck flipped his outside mirrors inward to give Allan a few more inches to get the RV down the street.

The staff at Benjamin Lovell were enthusiastic about their new promotion in connection with Soles4Souls. If customers bring in gently  used shoes, they’ll receive a $10.00 discount on a pair of Clarks’ shoes. What a great way to recycle shoes! We stood on the sidewalk and passed out reminder cards, encouraging people to bring in their shoes.s4s rv philly benjamin lovell street - Copysilvana philly benjamin lowell 2philly rv tight streets


One Response to “More Traffic, More Fun”

  1. kathy & fran Says:

    Silvana and Alan, Just checking up on you as you get closer to us here in MA. I see you have already experienced New York City! We are hoping you get in touch as you near us, as earlier promised we have a great “campsite” for you. Happy travels!

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