Try KOA Campgrounds for Family Fun

pirate koa paIn traveling across the US for Soles4Souls, we stay in a wide variety of campgrounds. Some state park campgrounds offer thousands of acres with secluded campsites. Other commercial campgrounds offer parking lot facilities where RV’s are crammed on tiny blacktop sites. Our visit to the Natural Bridge KOA Campground in Virginia was a delightful stay. I loved the Pirate theme so evident at the campground entrance. A little boy stood transfixed in front of a large inflatable pirate ship guarded by a mannequin dressed as a pirate. Pirate flags, along with other fierce looking inflatable pirates got Allan to start talking like a pirate. The gift shop even sold pirate eye patches. What thrilled me the most about this campground was the evening wagon ride. Kids got glow sticks and boarded a large wooden wagon pulled by a tractor. The campground was dark except for the glow of a few campfires and the kids waving their sticks. As the wagon pulled through the trees we heard the excited screams of kids as they were delightfully scared as the wagon went up and down hills in the dark. There’s still some great weather available this summer. Even if you don’t have a tent or RV, don’t let that stop you from checking out a KOA. You can rent a cabin and pretend you are the Ingalls family from Little House on the Prairie. Check out for a campground close to you.


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