Too Tired to Take Pictures

allan wisconsin bike readyingToday was one of the few days we haven’t had to move the RV to another location. We didn’t even get outside until 3:45. The long bike ride made up for it though. Since I was leading, naturally I got us lost on the back country roads. Allan patiently followed me saying, “You wanted to be the leader, so led us home”. I loved the long winding downhill road I found until I saw the sign “Summit Hill”. We were at the bottom. We needed to be on top. The hill was so steep Allan got a Charley Horse and my palms were so sweaty I couldn’t shift gears. We finally gave up and pushed our bikes up the hill. But then it was another glorious downhill run to our campground. I love my bike!
Join us this coming Thursday night at Madison Square Garden as Allan and I celebrate our anniversary of 32 years of wedded fun and bliss. Oh yes…there’s also a Kellie Pickler concert and Soles4Souls shoe collection that night also. Come support our shoe charity and we’ll give you a Soles4Souls keychain!


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