Sharing With Others

Schuler Shoe employees tour the RV

Schuler Shoe employees tour the RV

Want people to line up outside your business? Offer $1.00 sub sandwiches. As we arrived at the Schuler Shoe store we noticed a long line of people snaking around the corner. A local sandwich shop was celebrating Customer Appreciation Day by selling sandwiches for $1.00. Those customers then walked by the Schuler store and checked out the shoes. We were busy all morning, passing out information about Schuler’s partnership with Soles4Souls as a shoe charity.

A man walked in and casually mentioned he needed new athletic shoes for his free time while serving in Iraq. He was excited about getting a two week leave to be home for his 10-year-old daughter’s birthday. While trying on New Balance shoes,  he told the salesperson how the sand in Iraq destroys shoes. Allan and I secretly gave the cashier our credit card and told her to tell the soldier his “New Balance had no balance”. It’s the least we can do for his service to our country.

An hour later, while getting gas, a woman came up and asked if she could give us a pair of shoes. She then told us how as a recently divorced mother, she was so grateful to get a free coat from a church clothing shop. Now she wanted to share what she had with others. What a great day!


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