Cutest Photo on this Blog!

Well, we spent the afternoon feeling sluggish, lazy and totally out of shape. Maybe the experience will motivate us to get in shape! We set up the Soles4Souls display table at the Fleet Feet store close to Milwaukee. Little did I know the show caters to runners and athletes. Yes, all these trim and slim people came in to get fitted for shoes and apparel so they could compete in a triathlon, marathon or 10K. Since we probably can’t run a 3K, it was an intimidating experience. Yet Lauri and Rusty Sergent, owners, made us feel welcome. The store had a very “homey” atmosphere with their black lab Maggie greeting each customer. Later their two children came and added more action to the store.

The staff uses a FITLOSOPHY process to determine the right shoe for the best run, walk or daily comfort. Each customer runs or walks on a treadmill or outside and reviews with the experienced staff how to determine the best shoe and/or insert for that individual. Fleet Feet customers were very generous in donating their shoes to Soles4Souls. Many took off their shoes on the spot and purchased new running shoes!

Allan and I are inspired. I tried jogging this morning, but my ribs are still too sore and bruised from my bike fall. Riding the bike on a smooth path is fine, so we’re off on a 12 mile ride. Could a triathlon be next? (Don’t count on it.)

Rusty and Lauri's two year old daughter and Maggie

Rusty and Lauri's two year old daughter and Maggie


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