Police Arrive At Orland Park Foot Solutions!

chicago foot solutions police donorchicago foot solutions 4

Orland Park customers donate shoes

Orland Park customers donate shoes

Upon arriving at the Orland Park Foot Solutions store, we were greeted by a police office. Don’t worry, John and Melissa Cain, owners of the store, weren’t being arrested for selling white shoes after Labor Day. The police officer was actually donating shoes to Soles4Souls. His department had confiscated 200 pairs of “knock-off” Nike shoes. Rather than destroying the shoes, they contacted Foot Solutions, looking for a shoe charity that would put the new shoes to good use. We were more than happy to collect those shoes (complete with the Nike swoosh) to send to people in need.

By the end of our time at Orland Park, we were exhausted. Not that we had done that much, but because we watched the Foot Solutions staff work at a frantic pace all day. The store was busy! People kept coming by to donate shoes, enjoy refreshments and then discuss their personal foot care needs with the staff. It was 4:00pm when I caught Melissa grabbing her first bite of a sandwich for lunch. Foot Solutions’ loyal customers donated over 350 pairs of shoes to Soles4Souls.


3 Responses to “Police Arrive At Orland Park Foot Solutions!”

  1. katie Ingraham Says:

    You had me scared for a second! You can always count on a fun time at Foot Solutions 🙂

  2. Vern Walther Says:

    Allan & Silvana, We’re saving you 4 parking spaces in front of our Mequon Foot Solutions store for Monday afternoon when you’re here to visit. We already had some donations, with one person dropping off 36 pairs! Looking forward to meeting you. We should have pleasant weather here in Wisconsin. Vern Walther, Owner, Foot Solutions of Mequon.

  3. Ed Kubi Says:

    its genius, how word police can be such an attention grabber 🙂

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