Clark’s Are Trapped Inside RV!

Here we are in downtown Mahnhattan, getting ready to set up our display at the new Eneslow store. The only problem is, a truck has parked directly next to us, which means we can’t open our door and get outside. We are basically trapped inside the RV! Anyway, when we do get out, we plan to spend the day telling people about Soles4Souls inside the Eneslow store.

Have you ever experienced foot pain, whether occasional or chronic? How about knee, hip, or back pain? Perhaps you’ve had to face the challenge of finding comfortable yet attractive footwear that fits well? A visit to Eneslow, The Foot Comfort Center is the answer for you.

Eneslow is unlike any “shoe store” you have ever experienced. Your feet will be placed in the hands of a trained professional. Eneslow is a recognized leader in providing state-of-the-art foot solutions that can offer immediate relief from painful foot conditions.

If you are in New York around the area of 1504 2nd Ave, come see us!



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