Clarks Visit Clarks Shoes in Italy

If you look at any pictures of the Soles4Souls RV, you’ll see the word “Clarks” above the driver’s and passengers windows. No, we’re not trying to let the world know our last name. Clarks Shoes are a corporate sponsor for the RV tour. From its humble beginnings in 1825, in the tiny English village of Street , Somerset , to a global company that manufactures and markets close to 35 million pairs of shoes a year, Clarks ‘ commitment to comfort, quality, authenticity and individual style has remained unchanged.

 From careerwear to weekend wear, Clarks’ now provides men and women with comfortable, stylish footwear for nearly every occasion in their active lives. Walking along a side street in Rome, we saw a Clarks’IMG_0658 store and decided to take our picture.


2 Responses to “Clarks Visit Clarks Shoes in Italy”

  1. Christine Says:

    Where exactly in Rome is this shop. I will be going there soon. Thanks. Christine, New Zealand

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