Fee Family Offers Free Camping


Gabby and I in matching S4S outfits

Gabby and I in matching S4S outfits

As we were driving from Nashville towards Ottawa we noticed our route took us through Cleveland, home of my good friend, Susan Fee. Always looking for a free space to park the RV overnight, we were happy at Susan’s invitation to visit. It was fun hearing Susan and her ten-year-old daughter Gabby tell about their recent visit to Costa Rica. Congratulations Gabby, on getting the courage to do the zip line over the jungle canyons! An added plus of staying at the Fees was getting to wash the RV. Regular car washes aren’t tall enough for us to drive through, and commercial truck washes are too powerful with our “wrap” on the RV. So having a hose was a luxury. We gave the RV a nice bath so it looks pretty at the Canada Tulip Festival this week. If you ever need a driveway to park your RV, give the Fees a call. They offer great food, hot showers, interesting conversation and RV washing facilities!



One Response to “Fee Family Offers Free Camping”

  1. Susan Fee Says:

    You guys rock! Thank you for bringing the Souls4Souls road show to the Fee neighborhood! We were the talk of the cul-de-sac for days, so we got to share your adventure with our inquisitive neighbors.

    Love following your adventures on line. I’m living vicariously through you. Please come back and visit soon. Your hose awaits you!

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