Soles4Souls Has Dedicated Warehouse Staff

We were privileged to meet with the Soles4Souls warehouse staff in Roanoke Alabama. They are the hard working, shoe-shlepping, shoe sorting and rubber banding team that help Soles4Souls collect and distribute shoes. How would you feel if a truck pulled up to your garage with 10,000 pairs of used shoes? That’s an everyday occurrence for Michael, Jerry and the rest of the warehouse team. It was fascinating to watch them sort shoes into various categories, package them up and get them ready to ship to people in need. And for anyone conducting a shoe drive, please rubber band your shoes together so the Soles4Souls staff don’t have to try and find mates for all the shoes! We had a great lunch with traditional Southern food. Within 20 minutes of eating, the staff was already back at work! It was obvious these behind-the-scenes employees are what makes Soles4Souls so effective as a shoe charity.dsc05105dsc05109


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