Silvana Thinks!

I’ve come up with two profound thoughts. (Profound for me at least!)

Profound thought #1:

This may not be politically correct, but I wonder if the recession is as bad as the media says. Yesterday Allan and I went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Spring break is over, summer isn’t yet here and still there were mobs of people. I gasped at the $75.00 admission, but evidently it didn’t matter to the thousands of smiling people coming to the park. Being the cheap people we are, we had a packed lunch with us. Not so with the majority of people. Every restaurant, snack bar and gift shop had lines of customers wanting to purchase something. Recession? Hard to believe.

Profound thought #2:

An amusement park is more fun when you have a young child with you. While Allan tried to humor me by being excited when I pointed out an attraction, it wasn’t the same as being with a real kid. I miss having our daughters with us when we travel. There’s something special about seeing the attractions and rides through the eyes of an over-enthusiastic child!dsc05046




One Response to “Silvana Thinks!”

  1. Lilly Says:

    I’m going to Walt Disney World next month (only because I have enough frequent flier miles and we scored a deal with AAA). Fortunately, there is a preteen coming along with me. In fact, I’ll be able to spend my last days of “childhood” in the amusement park because we happened to book our trip during my 18th birthday. Hmm. I wonder if it will feel any different before my birthday than after.

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