Two Foot Solutions In One day

Back to work! After a fun week just hanging out, we’re back in the swing of letting people know about the shoe charity, Soles4Souls. After a dark, windy and rainy drive to Windy Hill, Georgia, we stopped at the corporate headquarters of Foot Solutions. They are the world’s largest and #1 ranked health and wellness franchise, focusing on foot care and proper fit. Their customers had already generously donated hundreds of gently-used shoes. It was fun seeing Hania and Katie again, while also having coffee with Ray Margianao, the CEO and founder of Foot Solutions™. Ray is quite the visionary and told us of his plans to have Foot Solution franchises in over 34 countries.

That afternoon, we were scheduled for a short drive to the very first Foot Solutions store in Buckhead, Georgia, but ran into major detours. High winds had stormed through the city, causing trees to fall on roads and cause power outages. Many roads were closed off, but thanks to our trusty GPS, Bridgette, we found the Foot Solutions store owned by Aadu and Kristi Allpere. Again, Allan and I are amazed at how patient and understanding the staff are as customers come to the store, describing every bunion and foot pain imaginable. That certainly would not be the job for me! We then plowed through rush hour traffic to get out of the city. Tonight we’re staying in the “Party Lot” at the Walmart parking lot. There are six trucks, two ambulances and four other RV’s spending the night with us. Tomorrow we’re off to Orlando!atlanta-foot-solutions-hq-ray-margiano-and-silvana-shoe-drivedsc049783


One Response to “Two Foot Solutions In One day”

  1. Christine K Says:

    I’ve been Italy for 2 weeks now, have 3 more weeks to go. Decided to read your blog today–good going! The laundry story was hilarious.

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