Easter With The Clarks

dsc04947dsc04942As we drive the country for Soles4Souls, we stay at private campgrounds, Walmart parking lots and state parks. This Easter weekend we found one of the premier state parks in the country. Red Top State Park outside of Atlanta has everything you’d want for a positive camping experience. First and foremost, the sites are spread out so you get the feeling of truly being out in nature. We camped on a knoll overlooking the lake. Pink and white blossoming dogwoods are all around us as well as tiny buds from other deciduous trees. Allan cooked fish for Easter breakfast because that’s what Jesus ate! Then, since there wasn’t a nearby church service, we made a paper stained glass window and Allan  gave a mini-Easter sermon. (It wasn’t really that inspired, so I left after a few minutes.)

Later, we walked around the campground.It was great to see families roasting s’mores, playing catch and genuinely enjoying each other. I especially likeded watching a group of ten-year-old boys have a pinecone fight by furiously tossing stockpiled pinecones at each other. That’s what camping is all about!  We’re excited to get back to work and attend numerous Soles4Souls events.


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