Clarks Need To Get Dressed Up

This blog post doesn’t have any pictures because we’re embarrassed to be seen. Coming through Greenville Georgia, we heard about a live theatre performance at Bob Jones University that involves actors dressed to blend in with classic paintings. Being from the casual Pacific Northwest, we arrived on campus wearing jeans and tennis shoes. Within 2 seconds we realized we were totally underdressed. Actually we looked like slobs compared to the long dresses, suits and fancy hats worn by everyone else. And this was for a 4:30 show on a Friday afternoon! Even Amish and Mennonite women had shiny bows around their cotton dresses. Nonetheless, we kept a low profile and slunk into the theatre. Out of 1,400 people, we were the only ones in jeans. We forgot about our appearance as soon as the performance started. “Behold the King” Living Gallery is a type of drama where “living pictures” are interspersed with play scenes accompanied by orchestral and vocal music. Amazing to see a giant picture of the Last Supper projected on a screen, yet actors so artistically made up they blended into the painting. We took a back path leaving the theatre (so people didn’t get scared of the riff-raff) and passed a girl’s dorm. About 15 clean cut, well dressed young men stood outside. At Bob Jones University girls are required to wear dresses and boys must wear slacks. Plus boys aren’t allowed in the girl’s dorm. (I feel like registering Sondra!) That evening, we redeemed ourselves by dressing up to see a hilarious performance of “Leading Ladies” at the Greenville Little Theatre. Yes, we hit two live performances in one evening. You should see what we accomplish on Broadway!


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