Lose Weight While Doing Laundry!

outside-laundry-ncHow to lose weight while doing laundry:
1. Drive into a campsite and find the camp laundry.
2. Walk the equivalent of two city blocks to laundry while carrying two bags of dirty clothes.
3. Discover the laundry room doesn’t have a change machine.
4. Walk back to RV and look under cushions and in drawers for quarters.
5. Walk back to laundry room. (Which by the way, is a shelter over two decrepit and rusty washing machines. One is broken.)
6. Put clothes in the one working machine and go back to RV.
7. 45 minutes later, walk the equivalent of two city blocks to find the machine has not finished the wash cycle.
8. Walk back to RV.
9. Return to washing machine 20 minutes later. Put clothes in dryer. Add second load of clothes to washing machine.
10. Walk back to RV. 30 minutes later, walk to dryer to find clothes are still wet. Add more quarters.
11. Walk back to RV.
12. Wait 30 minutes, take semi-dry clothes from dryer. Add clothes from second wash machine…
13. You get the idea!


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