Friendship Goes to New Heights

img_0391img_0392Some friends go to great lengths to make you feel welcome. We arrived at Tom and Joni’s house to find Tom in the driveway with a long 2” by 4” piece of wood. He used that to lift the overhanging tree branches so our RV could pull up his driveway. He also climbed on top of the RV to lift branches the wood didn’t reach. Now that’s hospitality! Within seconds of meeting their adorable six-year-old granddaughter, Addy, we were ready to take her with us on the rest of our year-long tour. Not only does she read at a fifth grade level, she’s funny AND polite. I have several talent agency friends who will soon be fighting to sign up Addy and get her into TV commercials. We may even sign her up as a Junior Soles4Souls Spokesperson.


One Response to “Friendship Goes to New Heights”

  1. Christina Says:

    Sounds great! She definitely has a great future ahead of her!

    Out of curiousity, when are you planning on going to the west coast?

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