Clark’s Get Arrested!

parking-ticket-annapolisSince we had some free time, John, owner of the Foot Solutions store in Annapolis, suggested we visit the town. Allan skillfully navigated the RV through the narrow, winding streets of Annapolis and even negotiated a Round-About. A resident of Annapolis, (who shall remain unnamed, but owns a boat and likes to tinker) told us to park on a street, and simply use two parking spaces. We put money in both parking meters, as instructed by our “local” friend. Ten minutes later, as we glanced back at the RV, we saw a traffic officer giving us a ticket. “You’re only allowed to use one parking spot she told us”. Then she added, “I was going to write you a ticket, but someone stopped me and told me about the good work Soles4Souls is doing. I’ll just give you a warning.” We thanked her and of course, gave her a Soles4Souls brochure.


4 Responses to “Clark’s Get Arrested!”

  1. Wayne Elsey Says:

    I am laughing. So if you pay for two spaces you can not park there? That is funny. You guys are a hoot!

    Enjoy your trip and see you Monday in Virginia!

  2. Chris Carmichael Says:

    This is hilarious. Do you have any videos of the incident? What happens if they assign you Community Service in the future? Doesn’t the Tour count toward that?

  3. Kerry Says:

    I heard about your tour on NPR yesterday – wish I’d known you were in Annapolis. I would have brought my children (and all of their shoes that are too small) downtown to contribute!

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Hi there, Where can people donate tomorrow in Gaithersburg, MD?

    Thanks and enjoy your time in the area!

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