Foot Solutions Sticker Placed on RV

We’re back in Nashville for a few days before heading out to Knoxville, Chattanoga, Gatlinburg and the Washington DC area. But first Allan got special “training” in how to apply large stickers from our corporate sponsors to the sides of the RV. What do you think? Did he get the Foot Solutions sticker on straight?  Foot Solutions is the world’s largest and #1 ranked health and wellness franchise, focusing on foot care and proper fit. We’re proudsc04667d to be their rolling billboard for the next year! (And yes, their shoes are both cute and comfortable.)


6 Responses to “Foot Solutions Sticker Placed on RV”

  1. Wayne Elsey Says:

    I think it is a bit off. Oh know. See you guys tomorrow. Appreciate you and looking forward to a great recap and meeting tomorrow am.

  2. Katie Says:

    Nice!! Love the updates from you guys, looking forward to seeing you back in Atlanta soon!

  3. J. Lyman Says:

    Alan, good to see the two of you while in TN. Best of success with the tour!


  4. Lilly Says:

    Hey, is there a calendar somewhere of where you’re planning to go for the next year? I’d like to see if you’re coming by my area.

  5. Mary Beth Neal Says:

    So good to hear from you! I’m delighted to see your smashing successes already in gathering shoes. What a wonderful way to help others. Stay in touch. I’m looking forward to following up on your footsteps, so to speak. Godspeed to you both, Mary Beth.

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