RV Tour Hits The Midway

dsc045481dsc04548In our quest to never have two days the same, we traveled to Atlanta Georgia to donate shoes at the Atlanta Festival. Allan skillfully backed the RV past the cotton candy stand, around the funnel cake booth, between the Tilt-A-Whirl and next to the Merry-go-Round. Then for the next five hours, we gave out flip flops to every child that came to the festival. We made it interesting by creating a booth where children tossed a key chaindsc04524 into a tub in order to “win” a pair of flip flops. Every child was a winner and went away, happily carrying their new flip flops. By 11:00pm, we were pretty tired. (We all got our exercise, picking up the key cabin hundreds of times as kids missed the tub.) Thanks to the Wyndham Garden Hotel on Piedmont Avenue for giving us a discount on our stay, which gave us comfy beds and hot showers. Now we’re off to the Georgia Aquarium and see if we can swim with the sharks!


One Response to “RV Tour Hits The Midway”

  1. Wayne Elsey Says:

    The RV sparkles at night! Great job crew for helping us change the world one pair at a time!!! You guys rock!

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