Middle Schoolers Raise Funds and Help Others

dsc044711dsc04481We’ve all been approached by eager students asking us to help with their fund raising efforts by buying cookie dough, wrapping paper or light bulbs. The 800 students at Needwood Middle school in Brunswick, Georgia are adding a humanitarian aspect to their fund raising efforts. Allan and I got to meet these great  students at a fund raising kick-off last week. This  program allows students to raise money for their school by sponsoring Soles4Souls flip flops or clogs  for the needy.  Instead of lugging shoes door to door, students  accept monetary donations from family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors for new Soles4Souls clogs or flip flops. As a shoe charity, Soles4Souls then ships the shoes directly to people in need, domestically and internationally.

We showed slides of recent shoe distributions to help students understand how their efforts to sell shoes will help some of the 300 million children around the world that don’t even own a pair of shoes. I was particularly touched by a student who spoke to her school, telling the students that part of the money they raise will go to help send girls in Afghanistan to school. It’s encouraging to see students learn about the intrinsic value that comes from helping others. Besides, do any of us really need another tub of cookie dough?

Afterwards, the Soles4Souls RV was quite a hit as students lined up to get their pictures taken with our big blue moving billboard.


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