Amazing what you can do in one day

Silvana stopping traffic in the middle of a cobblestone street

Silvana stopping traffic in the middle of a cobblestone street

Yesterday was our first day on the road so we decided to make it a l-o-o-o-ng day. We drove 550 miles from Nashville to Brunswick Georgia. Since many people mis-pronounce my name by saying “Savannah” we thought it fitting to stop in Savannah for a few hours. With our cameras drapped around our necks and carrying a map, I’m sure no one noticed we were tourists. (At least we weren’t wearing Hawaiian shirts and brown socks with loafers.)The parking lot was tight parking for an RV so we simply found some orange pylons and placed them around the RV so we had room to leave. Many of the streets in the historic part of Savannah are paved with various sized rocks. These were discarded rocks carried in the ballasts of trading ships that used to come to the city. After playing tourist, we were delighted to find a campground in Brunswick where we could use our “Passport America” discount and only pay $15.00 for a camping fee. Thw more money we save, the more money can be used to help Soles4Souls donate shoes to people in need.


One Response to “Amazing what you can do in one day”

  1. Valerie Whitehead Says:

    Wow! It was very inspirational to see the direct results of Soles4Souls. Our school was happy to have the Clarks with us at the end of their journey to Brunswick, GA. It is our goal to inspire our students to make conscious decisons to share their energy toward a worthy cause–this seems to fit the bill! We plan to link to the blog and keep in touch! We hope to share our successes as we join the movement.

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