Marching Forth on March Fourth


Above is a photo of Country Star Adam Gregory, Country Star Wanne-Be Wayne Elsey, and special guest, Jessie.


The kick-off for the Soles4Souls RV Tour was filled with friends, fun and frivolity. The frivolity took place as 14 people visited us in our 34 foot RV. We still had room for more! We were honored to have two amazing teenage boys that we picked up at the Ronald McDonald House. Jessie and Jose are poised, confident young men that inspired us all. Volunteers from Hands on Nashville also participated. Country star Adam Gregory also showed up, signing autographs and taking pictures. With that send-off, we’re ready to roll! We’ll get up bright and early to leave by 5:00am and head to Brunswick Georgia. A middle school is doing a Soles4Souls fundraiser. We’ll help at their assembly, explaining how Soles4Souls is a shoe charity that helps get shoes to people in need around the world.


One Response to “Marching Forth on March Fourth”

  1. Wayne Elsey Says:

    Country star wannabee — wow. Have a great trip and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. I am proud that you are on our team and look forward to the terrific response and results!

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