Our Children are in Good Hands

Hermitage students listen well!

Hermitage students listen well!

We’ve all heard media reports about the lack of discipline in schools and children who show little respect for others.This morning Allan and I had the honor of being at Hermitage Elementary School, close to Nashville. The principal, Ms. Frazier had lively music playing as students entered the class. She greeted the school over the intercom with an upbeat voice while students said the Pledge of Allegience and their school motto. As students arrived for an all-school assembly, it amazed me how well behaved they were. Even kindergartners entered the cafeteria without running or “bugging” the person next to them. Later, as we passed out flip flops to all the students, they made sure to thank us before calmly lining up to go back to the class. You could sense an easy rapport between teachers and students. In addition, the school sparkled with shiny floors and a well kept appearnce. If more schools created an atmosphere like the one at Hermitage Elementary School, the media would have nothing to complain about!


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